StartMoney Fundusz Zalążkowy

StartMoney Fundusz Zalążkowy


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• Who can apply for StartMoney financing?

Following authors of business ideas are welcome to submit their projects to StartMoney Fund: individual innovators, new companies, and large firms. Our capital is also a very good source of financing for implementation od R&D results, and for scientific projects that are being developed at universities, or research institutes. Also, already existing companies which want to implement innovations in their firms, are also invited to apply for our funds.

We invite authors of business ideas from the entire Poland, and from any industry or business sector.

The most important is the innovation – be it a product, technoogy, organizational or marketing innovation.

People are equally important – individuals or project teams dedicated to hard work on implementation of the innovation and business ideas, and open minded about cooperation with and investor partner.

Third important thing is the capital itself – as a missing element, which makes it possible to put the business plans into practice. A seed fund understands the needs of entrepreneurs during the stage of preparation for opening a business, during the phase of launching the business, and during the implementation period.

• How does cooperation with StartMoney Fund looks like?


Apart from the capital itself, our investment fund offers business consultancy and organizational help in preparing the project to register the company, and acquire the investment. This stage of work is financed by StartMoney Fund.

In close cooperation with the authors of business idea, we develop a business plan and implementation strategy. During this stage market analyses are carried out, as well as all necessary economic, technical, technological and legal expertise, which all help to better understand and evaluate the innovation, and prepare right tools to introduce the product or a service to the market.

Signing the investment agreement and opening the company.

A positive evaluation of the business idea, and a set of required documents are the basis for registering a company of the project authors and StartMoney Fund. At this point an investment agreement, and then a company agreement are signed.

StartMoney Fund (and sometimes an additional investor or a business angel) and the authors of the project take up shares in the newly registered company. The division of shares varies in each case, but StartMoney Fund as an investor cannot take up more than 50% of the shares.

Joint work in business project implementation and company development

The next phase of cooperation is the business development by the new company. StartMoney Fund closely cooperates with the authors of the project to achieve the business goals, to implement the strategy, and to increase the value of the company. StartMoney looks after the business and the management team to see if there is a need to broaden their competences, acting as a consultant, connecting the company to needed resources, and promoting company’s services and products – all with the aim to ensure the best possible growth of the new business.

How does the cooperation with StartMoney Fund end? The exit strategy.

After few years of business development our Fund exits the invested company, by selling all or part of its shares. This period of time (which can be no longer than 7 years), as well as the form of the exit are determined in the investment agreement. There are several scenarios: The company can buy its shares back from the Fund, or the Fund can sell the shares on NewConnect market. The shares can also be sold to an industry investor (who can also buy the entire company), or to another financial investor, who will offer a next round of financing.

How to start cooperation?

The call for applications is open on the ongoing basis.

We invite authors of business ideas form the entire Poland, as well as companies interested in acquiring the capital.

We invest in every business and industry sector.

To apply to ouf Fund please, download amd fill in the application form:

StartMoney Fund - Application Form
StartMoney Fund - Non-Disclosure Agreement (optional)
StartMoney Fund - Code of practice

Applications should be send via email to: or

You can also call us a tour office: +48 42  635 4984, or talk direclty to our consultants: +48  508 390 709, +48 508 390 708

You can also visit our office at: Innovation Center – High Technology Accelerator, the University of Lodz Foundation,  
X flooor, 16/18 Kopcińśkiego Street, 90-232 Lodz, Poland.

Investment Fund StartMoney has been opened in 2011, within the project „Akcelerator Technologii Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Venture – ATUŁ Venture”, and is co-financed from UE funds of Innovative Economy Operational Program, Measure 3.1 – Initiating innovative activities.